• Recap: Station to Station Happening, Oakland

    For three days in September, I joined the merry band of artists, musicians, craftspeople, chefs, coworkers and documentarians on Doug Aitken’s cross-country art train for Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening, made possible by Levi’s®. —Dave

    Ok, so...if you've been following these posts so far, you know that the LA Happening and subsequent Station to Station train ride were both amazing transformative experiences, bursting with art and music and community and dialogue and meaning. And the final Happening in Oakland had all of that important stuff, too. No question. Look at that pic up there! That's Olaf Breuning's site-specific smoke installation. It was in The New York Times, even. And the art yurts were set up, as always. Mysterious and captivating. And the location was appropriately inspiring; the Happening took place at the abandoned 16th Street Station, once a bustling gateway to the Bay Area and now a kind of derelict playground for film crews and ambitious event planners. So all that stuff was going on. But honestly, this thing was mostly just FUN. It was like a crazy art rave at the edge of the world. It ruled. Check it out...

    Evan Holm's Submerged turntables, which were actual turntables that were actually submerged underwater and provided a kind of warped soundtrack to the evening.


    The Congos, once again performing with Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras and friends.

    The very amazing Lia Ices, who took her quietly wonderful material into space/synth territory inside the station.

    No Age, who expanded their instrumental freak out set to include some proper LP tracks (including a killer "C'mon, Stimmung"). 

    Twin Shadow, in two-piece formation (with keyboardist Wynne Bennett), delivered a spare and futuristic set to an extremely excited crowd.

    Savages, ever vicious. They closed with "Fuckers." Really.

    Dan Deacon, in the crowd as always. His set included a massive dance circle, crowd-sourced choreography and smart phone lighting, general insanity and an anarchic conga-line ending that (seemingly accidentally) marched through and under the arms of the Levi’s® President James Curleigh. For real. 

    And then it was over. A joyous ending for a truly remarkable endeavor. Thanks to everyone at Station to Station and Levi’s® for an amazing experience!  

    Visit the Station to Station site for additional (incredible) coverage.

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