• Recap: Aaron Paul Autograph Signing @ UO San Diego

    We recently had a very special guest at our UO store in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter: AARON PAUL! For real! Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad! He stopped by to sign autographs and hang out with fans (and also be, like, "Well done, bitch!" for an exclusive video - part of a new blog feature you can check out right HERE). It was insane. SO MANY people love Aaron Paul. And it's not hard to understand why. He's an awesome dude! Seriously. Best around. But ok...enough chitchat. Look at this craziness: 

    This is way awesome but you probably shouldn't ever actually go anywhere with a bag of fake drugs. Sayin'.

    Fans that lined up early got first dibs on a special early run of our limited edition Breaking Bad tote bags! But don't freak out if you weren't there - you can get your own bag free with purchase at your local Urban Outfitters store! You know...at least until we run out of them.

    This is Robyn. She was the very first person in line. She got to our store at 8:45am. For an autograph signing that started at 6:30pm. She's the best. And...you know that thing about how good things come to those who wait...


    (Photo via Tracilyn Tsarnas)
    Yes, that is the Breaking Bad Walt Pint Glass, available here.

    (Photo via Tracilyn Tsarnas)

    A fan made this pencil drawing of Jesse Pinkman. It was amazing. 

    (Photo via Tracilyn Tsarnas)

    The last two people in line for the signing were the cutest kids in the entire universe. They brought their own homemade version of that super meaningful teddy bear that kept floating around with one eyeball in Seasons 2 and 3. And...then they gave it to Aaron!

    Here's the UO store (and Home Office) crew, celebrating after the signing. Yo, Gatorade us, bitch!

    Thanks for being awesome, Aaron! And thanks to the San Diego store team for being awesome, too! And to the tons of fans that came out, who were the most awesome of all. Holy shit we're so psyched for August 11th! 

    Watch our exclusive "Well Done, Bitch!" video and read an interview with Aaron here!

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