• Prom Vibes: Pretty Goth

    It's totally cool to sulk around the dance floor on your prom night. Isn't that what being goth is all about? Going to popular high school events and hating everyone? Give everyone a satanic eye-roll in these super "doom and gloomy" dresses and accessories. Stay grim!

    Shakuhachi Lace Maxi Dress
    A long lace dress screams "I'm at a funeral" which basically is the same thing as "I'm at prom."

    Betsey Johnson Pink Label Mixed Up Ballerina Dress
    A shorter dress is easier to dance in, because I know you'll be doing a lot of dancing (aka moping around).

    Shakuhachi Pointy Wedge
    Make your toes as pointy as vampire teeth with these black wedges.

    MariaFrancescaPepe Cross Shaped Safety Pin Necklace
    Gotta stay religious at prom! LOL, not! This will just give you some '80s goth flair. - Hazel