• Prom Style Icon: Kat Straford

    Katarina Stratford is the uptight, always-pissed older sister in one of our favorite '90s movies, 10 Things I Hate About You.  Described in the script as "eighteen, pretty—but trying hard not to be", Kat spends her time reading Sylvia Platt and hating everything high school.  Unfortunately for her, she gets wrapped up in one of those incredibly predictable movie bets where the bad-boy hottie of the school, Patrick (played by the ever-so-dreamy Heath Ledger, RIP!), is forced to take her to prom.  Let's just say we don't feel too bad for her.  Here are some picks in honor of Miss Statford—the anti-prom queen!

    Silence & Noise Goddess Maxi Dress
    Although school is full of oppressive patriarchal values that dictate our education, that doesn't mean you can't look totally hot in a '90s thin-strap inspired dress for the big night. Plus, the slit on the side makes it easy to run when you’re hightailing it out of the prom.

    We Who See Knot Wedge
    Hey Kat, we know you hate Patrick's big dumb combat boots, but we hate your platform thong sandals. These are a good clunky compromise between the two.

    UO Hammered Metal Choker Necklace
    Lucky for Kat, choker necklaces are back in style. Lucky for us, pearls aren’t. We love this modern choker with a little bit of edge (at least enough to scare off Joey "eat me" Donner).

    Marina Callis Multi Flower Clavel Headwrap
    Even an angry feminist wants flowers for prom.  She wants you, she needs you, oh baby, oh baby!

    Scalloped Lace Cheeky
    Kat might claim Patrick had no effect whatsoever on her panties, but we all know you don’t buy black lingerie unless you want someone to see it—plus, no underwear lines!

    My Dysfunctions Mini Inner Truth Journal
    Could this mini journal be any more perfect? Okay, it could be the size of a binder, but still!  It's great for any angsty after-prom writing. BRB, we're crying watching the video of Kat's poem for the 100th time. ;(