• Prom Style Icon: Courtney Shane

    Courtney Shayne is the ruthless queen bee from the movie Jawbreaker. She walks down hallways in slow motion, takes girls under her wing for makeovers (duh), and accidentally murdered one of the ladies in her entourage during a careless prank. But it's okay! Courtney totally took it like a trooper. She won't let anyone ruin her prom night! Here are some picks for Courtney Shayne, "Satan in heels."

    Silence & Noise Cleopatra Strapless Knit Maxi Dress
    A long, blue, strapless dress for a total ice queen.

    Sparkly Lurex Braided Headwrap
    Courtney's hair at prom was an updo held with a series of silver headbands so try these futuristic braided bands to get the look. Just leave enough room for your crown, which you're sooo going to win! Seriously, you're going to win, even if it means threatening everyone around you in order to do so.

    Sam Edelmann Lorissa Heel
    A spiky heel to possibly stab someone with... as a joke! Ha! But really though.

    Anna Sui Lash Amplifying Mascara
    When people at prom find out that you're a murderer, you'll probably start crying, and you want as much mascara running down your face as possible. This amplifying mascara should do the trick.

    Impossible Project First Edition Spectra Polaroid Camera
    You have to bring your polaroid camera! How else would you capture the ridiculous and gruesome spectacle that is prom? - Hazel