• Photo Diary: Words as Image with Izzy Rael

    In this original photo story, NYC photographer Izzy Rael documents messages that are hiding in plain sight.

    Above: "My garbage can in my room. I was on a work rage and chugged down six La Croix in about 30 minutes."

    Above: "In New York there are these tiny police cars parked around the city. I saw one while walking to school one day and thought the shapes were cool."

    Can you introduce yourself — tell us a bit more about who you are, what you do, where you’re from?
    I’m Izzy Rael. I’m a New York-based creative artist person in high school. I take photos, make films, and do weird graphic design stuff. I sleep in on the weekends.

    How do you describe your photography? What work are you drawn to creating, or themes you’re interested in expressing?
    I like to use mediums that can reflect other mediums. My photography is pretty indicative of my obsession with graphic design: of bold colors and shapes, and my films are like moving photographs. For now, my art really just illustrates my life from my own perspective. My photographs are usually spontaneous and unposed.

    Above: "outside the Ace Hotel in LA."

    Above: "I captured this photo just as my brother was walking underneath a neon sign at a museum in Stockholm. I think our entire trip to Scandinavia was comprised of art museums" / "After seeing a midnight showing of Spirited Away in the Lower East Side, my friend and I stopped by Katz for the earliest breakfast I’ve ever eaten."

    Above: " I wasn’t waiting for the bus in Williamsburg.  / A little pool in Los Angeles"

    Are you self-taught? Can you tell us more about how you have gone about learning more about photography?
    Photography made me find my voice. Despite criticisms, I stuck with my own style and was motivated to create more. In an era of social media and sharing, the most important thing I’ve learned about photography is that your best work is the work you make for yourself.

    Above: "There’s this old arcade in Portland called Game Kontrol that I always walk by. I think I took this picture because I loved how the wheels of the bike matched the color scheme."

    Above: "Watching artists prep for Photoville 2016 in Brooklyn."

    Above: "I think it says “NO.”" / "This was my view of one of the photographs outside a blanketed booth at Photoville 2016. The shadows and frame stuck out to me."

    Above: "I am a....."

    Who are some of your favorite artists in any medium?
    I’m in love with: 
    – Luis Barragán
    – Richard Serra
    – James Turrell
    – Phillip Glass

    Above: "It was somebody’s birthday at VSCO (where I worked over the summer) and her balloon drifted to the exit sign. This was only a few weeks after #brexit, so I thought it was fitting."

    Above: "My brother from about 3 or 4 years ago. There’s always different graffiti art on the corner of Bowery and East Houston. "

    What are some future projects/goals for 2017?
    Survive junior year and senior fall. 

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