• Photo Diary: Water Studies

    We’re dipping into the texture, color, and natural beauty in bodies of water. Get inspired with our visual diary from Austin, TX photographer Michael A. Muller.
    Lead photo taken from a cliffside in Nice, France

    Above: Big Sur, CA

    Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
    I was born and lived until age nine in San Diego and spent the rest of my life in Texas aside from a few years in NYC and Philadelphia. I play music with the Austin-based band Balmorhea and shoot lifestyle and editorial photos for various magazines and websites. 

    Above: A cold dusk on the beach in Brighton, England
    Above: Observing a pond on ranch near Premont, Texas
    Above: A rare cloudy day in Northern San Diego County
    Above: France to England on the English Channel

    You are drawn to lots of water/environmental imagery — what about these landscapes is inspiring to you? What are you trying to capture?
    The constant yet evolving nature of water is fascinating to me. It ebbs and flows rhythmically but it is never truly exactly the same. The manner in which light, shadow and weather effect its appearance never ceases to captivate. I am innately obsessed with bodies of water in relation to my photography. It’s not a decision rather than a magnetic drawing to. 

    Photography, as with any art form, is simply attempting to capture and represent the way you see your surroundings. I suppose my perhaps subconscious goal is to share that specific feeling I experience when observing water.

    Above: Dreary skies over Crater Lake in Oregon
    Above: England to France on the English Channel
    Above: Northward view of Cannon Beach, Oregon

    Are there any other photographers who you feel similarly capture a specific element well?
    I have recently been enthralled by the work of Ron Jude. His latest book Lago deals with the region around the Salton Sea in California. His stark eye perfectly captures that bizarre landscape and niche of the world.

    Above: On the ferry en route to Bainbridge Island, Washington
    Above: Sauvie Island on the Columbia River just NW of Portland, Oregon
    Above: Stone Lagoon, Humboldt County in Northern California
    Above: Crater Lake, Oregon

    What are five other things you are interested in right now? 
    Curating musical playlists for specific spaces, planning road trips, the art of breakfast, running on the Shoal Creek Trail, and watching my one-year-old nephew grow up.

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