• Photo Diary: Taylor Tippett

    Our confession? We spend hours on Instagram and we can’t seem to stop. Here, we chat with flight attendant Taylor Tippett, an Instagram photographer who keeps us busy double-tapping, and find out her tips for taking our own photos to the next level.

    Name: Taylor Tippett
    Occupation: Flight attendant
    Location: Chicago

    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
    Of course! I'm a 22-year-old sweet tea drinking, pizza eating, skateboarding, wildflower. I'm a flight attendant and I am extremely passionate about traveling. I believe we should all have a few more knots in our hair and stories in our hearts. Traveling does that for me. I just recently moved back to my favorite city, Chicago, and I now live in the cutest studio around all my favorite shops. I named my studio "The Fox Den" because I really love foxes.

    When you first started posting on IG, were you posting the same things as you do now?
    I've always kept the same style when posting on Instagram. I use my words and joy for life, to (hopefully) inspire others to break past the pain that life can so easily cause and to live full and free. I've been through many different seasons, but I always try to link it back to my love for others and my deep passion for life. That's what most of my post are about; the things I love and what life looks like for me. I want to always be encouraging others to live with a little more whimsy. We need more days like those. And so I use my images and words to do just that.

    What kind of things do you generally post?
    The people I meet, the stories that happen to me, anything about my love for pizza, my favorite coffee shops, skateboarding things, books I read, the flight attendant life, adventures I go on, and truly, whatever is going on in my life. I use my words and images to tell a story for all the lovely people who care enough to keep up with my life. It's the coolest thing. I've also been working on a photo series project, #wordsfromthewindowseat, that makes me so excited and pumped.

    Are there any themes that you stick with on your Instagram?
    Transparency and joy. I just want to be real with others and encourage them at the same time. My feed is more lifestyle, so I think transparency authenticity is really key.

    How did you start your #wordsfromthewindowseat project?
    I was going through a really hard season this past year where I experienced loss and pain severely, and one day when I was gazing hard out the window while flying, it kind of just happened. I needed a little pick me up and what started as a doodle of words ended up being taped to the window seat. It's kind of taken off from there! It started with just my words and now, so many others have added to the tag as well.

    What kind of editing apps do you use?
    VSCO is my absolute favorite and it's the only app I've ever used!

    Do you have a specific photo editing process? Can you tell us about it?
    I use very little to edit my pictures. I add a quick filter (M5, P4, LV1, G3, A4, and A6 are some of my go-to favorites) and turn up the exposure a little and that's it!

    Any tips for taking a better photo?
    Remember to be genuine. Most pictures I get where I'm just out doing my thing are the best ones. And when I travel, I try to keep my phone tucked away as much as possible and just snap pictures of the moments I want to remember when I'm 80. Remember you don't have to capture every little detail, being present is so much more important. Also, anytime you have a chance to chase the sunlight, DO IT. Bathe in it. Natural light is the best thing to ever happen to my photography.

    Can you tell us what it’s like being a flight attendant?
    Oh boy, what an adventure it is. It's non-stop that's for sure. Always flying somewhere and spending time serving strangers. I've been flying for almost a year and four months and I've seen parts of the world I used to spend days dreaming about. I am always time zone hopping and hanging out at 37,00 feet up in the sky. There's not a day that goes by that I forget how blessed and thankful I am to have the career I have.

    Have you ever had people recognize you on a flight?
    I actually have not! Whenever it happens though, I'm going to be so excited. So if anyone even sees me in the terminal I hope they wouldn't be shy! I promise to dance for you.

    What’s one of the coolest things that’s happened to you on a layover?
    I think one of the coolest layover experiences I've had was last April when I overnighted in Seattle. I truly believe that the people make the places you go and this layover was proof of that. I flew with my wonderful friend Emily and we only had a few short hours in Seattle before our really early flight back home. Normally, when flight attendants have a short layover, they take it easy and don't go wandering out. Time can be so limited and rest is vital. We decided we could swing it and we wanted to enjoy the time we had, even if it was only a few short hours. So we rented a car and drove over all over Seattle. I'll never forget how the Seattle public library made me lose my breath. It was so insanely gorgeous. And trips like my Seattle one, and working with such wonderful people, is the reason why I smile on the rough work days.

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