• Photo Diary: Surreal/Real with Teresa Freitas

    Spanish photographer Teresa Freitas captures elements of the bizarre and unexpected in her work; get a glimpse in our photo diary.

    Can you introduce yourself — tell us a bit more about who you are, what you do, where you’re from?
    I'm 26 years old, currently living in Portugal. I was born and continue to live in a village by the sea, called Cascais. I work in audiovisual production and I'm a freelance photographer, focusing on creating creative content for brands. I have fun with photography on Instagram.

    How do you describe your photography? What work are you drawn to creating, or themes you’re interested in expressing?
    Imagination meets aesthetics. All of us have pictures of the world in our minds—I show mine through my work. I created a place for the use of the imagination as a way to represent the true wonder of things. 

    Can you walk us through how you create one of your images? It seems like some of them involve a lot of planning/production!
    A lot of people ask me about my process, I tend to say I have none. I guess it defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do. I like to experiment and try new things, so it’s a quite relaxed and carefree process in that sense. I do take a lot of pictures of clouds and the sea, so I can use them later. 

    Are you self-taught? Can you tell us more about how you have gone about learning your trade?
    Although I studied Fine Arts, I had very little technical training in college regarding photography, which now I appreciate — technicality can easily be self-taught (in this case) thanks to the amount of content and knowledge that are shared everyday. I started taking pictures with my smartphone and playing around with Photoshop. I've always loved working with computers and image editing.You learn a lot just by trying out different tools.

    There’s an element of the mystical and mysterious in many of your photos — can you talk about this? They feel almost cinematic!
    A lot of my images play with preconditioned perceptions of reality. They don't have to mean anything, because the mystery they try to evoke is just that - the indefinable, unknowable. There is a simplicity intertwined with complexity.

    Who are some of your favorite artists in any medium?
    Rothko, Magritte, René Maltête.

    What are some future projects/goals for 2017?
    Would definitely like to live of photography alone, which is quite hard to do in my country, but Instagram has allowed me to connect with a lot of international agencies/brands. I have some collaborations in store, but hopefully there are more to come!

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