• Photo Diary: Summer in Australia

    It may technically still be winter in the US…but it’s full-fledged summer in Australia. Get the perfect antidote to any end-of-February blues with our  visual diary from three favorite Aussie photographers. 
    Lead photos by Caitlin Miers 

    Location: Between Byron Bay and Melbourne. 

    Can you share more about yourself + your photography?
    I'm most drawn to photographing people with a wonderful energy. I absolutely adore photographing my friends, simply because I love their passion, their personality, their spirit. There's nothing I love more than shooting someone who has a natural, glowing feel about them. That's the central piece for me to any good shoot; the face and spirit that I'm capturing in it is so important. 

    I would describe my visual style as raw, real, and sun kissed. At the moment my long-term photo project is putting together features on different creatives from all the places I travel. I absolutely love photographing and interviewing other creatives on who they are, what inspires them, and where they're headed. I'm obsessively interested in other people's minds and their world (maybe a little too much at times...)

    What spots are on your list of must-visit travel destinations in Australia…Beaches, cities, perhaps more under-the-radar or underrated places you love?
    I would say visit Byron Bay above anywhere else. There's no doubt this is a seriously biased opinion, but let's just go with it! If you're after a dreamy, inspiring and relaxed vibe, there's no doubt you'll fall in love. I would also say visit Sydney for the beaches and the harbor, Melbourne for the coffee culture and shopping, Tasmania for a wonderful road trip off the beaten track, and any beach towns along the east coast of Australia will treat you to so much beauty! 

    Can you walk us through a typical summer day in the life for you?
    When I'm home in Byron, a summer day will typically consist of waking up early and meeting a friend for a morning swim and breakfast at a cafe. I'll usually then have a photo shoot so I'll meet the model and we'll head out to the location. I'll spend the afternoon shooting and then wrap up the shoot by taking the model/team for a coffee and wind-down. I'll then usually either meet another friend or go home and head down to the beach in front of my place to watch the sunset. My life during the summer time is very much based around the sky, sun, and ocean. Exactly how summers should be spent, right? 

    What else is inspiring you right now?
    I'm being inspired by so much recently! It's so wonderful. At the moment a key thing that's really grabbing me is seeing other creatives' amazing work, particularly that of young creatives. I'm actually really loving the work of a lot of 16/17 year olds — I feel like they're bringing something really fresh to the creative scene, much more of a scrapbook, messy style which I adore. 

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    Location: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

    Can you share more about yourself + your photography?
    I’m a women’s surf and fashion lifestyle photographer from Australia! I’m currently freelancing and working with clients in Australia and Bali.

    I’m really drawn to natural moments. I look for the awkward posture, the laugh, the in between moment when a model doesn’t know I’m taking the shot. I feel they give the most realistic and positive vibes! My passion is to shoot women’s surfing and try and shine a positive light and feminine spin on things. I love elegance in the water and love nothing more than swimming and taking photos in the ocean.

    Where are some of your favorite places to shoot in the summertime?
    My home town Mornington is pretty beautiful to shoot in. We are really lucky to have some stunning beaches with super clear water! I also spent some time in Bali last year and it was insane to shoot at. 

    What spots are on your list of must-visit travel destinations in Australia…Beaches, cities, perhaps more under-the-radar or underrated places you love?
    Western Australia is absolutely breathtaking, and also quite underrated. It less populated, and the beaches and towns around Exmouth, Ningaloo Reef, and also Perth are just beautiful! I also love Byron Bay and spend a lot of time there shooting and hanging out. The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is also amazing — a big, windy road that hugs the roaring rugged coastline for miles. It's definitely a must!

    Can you walk us through a typical summer day in the life for you?
    My day to day work really varies a lot, but typically I’ll get up relatively early and do yoga or surf if it’s good! Coffee shop stop and onto work in my office. I’ll answer emails, edit, and touch up my website and things. Hopefully all in time for a dip or surf later in the day!

    What else is inspiring you right now?
    I’m really trying to live in the moment and be super spontaneous! I’ve always had some kind of plan, and this year I don’t, so I’m being inspired by living in the moment and taking in things I’d usually miss. 

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    Bali, Indonesia + Australia

    Can you share more about you + your photography?
    I’m a self-taught, snap-happy photographer who still finds it odd to even add that label to my job description. I’m most drawn to shooting at the beach, sunsets and the ocean. The colors of Mother Nature never cease to ignite my creativity. In terms of visual style, my goal is to visualize what happiness feels like through bright colors. 

    I love the beach, floating pineapples in the ocean, vivid sunsets, snapping photos of my tropical adventures, drinking from coconuts and wearing teeny bikinis. I work 100% remotely as a traveling photographer/designer and call the world my office. I sold everything I owned back in Toronto, Canada and followed my heart to the beach. Currently, I’m on working/holiday visa in Australia with plans to also visit some of the surrounding South Pacific islands. 

    What spots are on your list of must-visit travel destinations in Australia?
    I’ve only conquered 2 out of my 12 months here in Australia. Here are a few places on my must-travel list: Watson’s Bay, Bondi Beach, Whitsundays, Tasmania and Noosa. I love the coffee here in Australia, so wherever I go, I make sure to spend lots of time in the local cafes. 

    Can you walk us through a typical summer day in the life for you?
    A typical day goes something like this: Wake up around 8am and check my phone (I’ll admit it). I’ll either make breakfast myself or head to a cafe and work there for the morning to answers emails and edit photos. I try to get all of my work done before 1pm so I can go to the beach for the rest of the day. 

    With a green smoothie in hand and bikini on, I pack up my camera and a few products to shoot while I catch some rays. I’ll usually stay at the beach until sunset, watch the surfers do their thing and of course, take more photos. In the evenings, I’ll make dinner then review photos and edit. Then I dream in color and get ready to do it all over again the next day!

    What else is inspiring you right now?
    As much as I look to others for inspiration, I’m really trying to work on finding that same inspiration within myself. With social media, I became more obsessed with the success of others than my own, so I’m challenging myself to seek what I’m looking for within me. 

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