• Photo Diary: Reflection Studies with Fred Lahache

    We’re considering reflections with the talented Paris-based photographer Fred Lahache, with an original photo story centered around layers, surface, light, and shape. 

    Can you share a bit about yourself + your background? What’s led you to what you’re doing now?
    I took up photography a few years ago — I guess I was brought to it by my job as an art director. But to do it freely, I set out to clearly separate it from my work, which is how I regard it today. 

    Much of your personal work explores photographic storytelling, expressed abstractly: what stories or ideas have been of recent interest? 
    I enjoy the sort of introspection photography can bring. And this can work in almost any situation. I'll be doing a short road trip soon which will be a new opportunity for this again. 

    Can you share more about what you photographed for this series?
    I brought the camera everywhere with me for a week considering reflections and mirrored surfaces, paying attention to different ways reflections could work.

    Do you think Paris influences your work? If so, how?
    I've been living in Paris for 15 years and I love it, but I don't think it has had an influence on my overall aesthetic. I was raised by the river Loire, and my family origins are Mediterranean. A certain way of life, the role of the sun, and nature, are some undercurrents in my work...

    What other artists, creatives, musicians, writers, or ideas regularly inspire your work, process, or general outlook?
    I must mention the usual Eggleston, Shore, Graham, or maybe Ghirri, but also the impressionists, the paintings of Gerard Schlosser too. Ideas like Sophie Calle's or Miranda July's often come to my mind. And of course the late Babo, the grandfather who opened my eyes and heart. 

    What’s the last great thing you read?
    Olivia Burton & Mahi Grand's "l'Algérie c'est beau comme l'Amérique"! A comic about a girl going back on her family's footsteps in Algeria. I did the same trip some years ago and it was quite an experience, emotionally speaking. This comic is very well built and drawn, and I loved every bit of it. 

    What’s next for you and what are you looking forward to? 
    A roadtrip around Brittany with my love and baby — hopefully to create some good photos!

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