• Photo Diary: Poolside Views

    We’re always gathering inspiration from the abstract shapes, shadows, and colors that come from ordinary sources — here, photographer Eliana Golomb shares her visual study of swimming pools.

    Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? 
    I’m 24 years old and I live in Tel Aviv, Israel. I was born in Los Angeles, raised there for the first part of my childhood, and then moved with my family to Israel (where my parents are from). My dad still works in LA and I go to visit my hometown with my family every summer, which always made me feel connected to the states and has also differentiated me from the people I'm surrounded by in Israel: I have been able to be part of two amazing countries, and do and see a lot of things that made me the person I am. Currently, my co-partner Ori Haziza and I have established a digital agency called AvirA, where we manage and operate Instagram accounts for brands and public institutions.

    How did you get started in photography? 
    I have always loved to take photos, and Instagram made me love it even more — aesthetics and order are an integral part of my process; through photography I can bring to life the things that I see in my mind.

    Can you share a little more about these swimming pool images: where were they taken? 
    There is something very calming in an environment of pools — I love to see them in all kinds of situations (with people, abandoned, full, or empty). Some of the pools included in these images are from a trip to Florida; the rest are from Israel. I also really like to see how a place's light changes according based on time of the day and explored how that shift affected the vibe of the pools.

    Tell us about the swimming pools of your childhood.
    I used to swim a lot and I also am the proud owner of two trophies from a swimming competition!

    What subjects are you most drawn to photographing? What feelings are you trying to convey?
    Lately, there's nothing specific: I try to be very open-minded, so pretty much whatever makes me stop for a second and catch my eye is worth it. Usually what attracts me is the combination of colors and compositions. 
    What are five other things you are interested in right now? 
    1.  Experiencing new things
    2. Foreign music 
    3. Meditation 
    4. Botany 
    5. Minimalist structures and pastel colors

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