• Photo Diary: May Flowers with Brandon Stanciell

    SoCal photographer Brandon Stanciell (@themanwholovedflowers) takes us along on a trip to Los Angeles’ historic Huntington Gardens to document spring in full bloom. 

    Can you introduce yourself — share more about who you are, where you are from, what you do?
    My name is Brandon Stanciell, I'm a 23-year-old photographer based in beautiful Los Angeles, CA. I've been living here for two years now, I grew up in Palmdale which isn't too far from here. I'm an artist, I do live installations, shoot photos, rap a lil bit, make a lil music. 

    What’s the story behind your Instagram handle? 
    Themanwholovedflowers is me and the name I go under when I do my portraiture work. It's actually the name of a short story written by Stephen King back in the late 70s, but when I started shooting portraits with flowers in my subjects' hair, I adopted the name as my own and operated under it. 

    Tell us a bit more about your visit to the Huntington Gardens that you documented for this series.
    Well for the record it was my first time at the Huntington Gardens so I was amazed at how big the place was! There were several different botanical garden so it was hard not to get overwhelmed with al the beauty. I definitely felt at peace being there, everywhere you looked was nature. The rose garden had to be my favorite. It was like a rainbow of flowers all in one place. I was trying hard not to photograph every little things I saw as well, haha.

    What are some of your favorite places in LA to experience nature? 
    I think Echo Park in the spring/summer is a great place to experience nature. The flowers and plants are in full bloom at the time. 

    What else do you love photographing? 
    I love photographing people, connecting with them is a lovely experience. I also love photographing buildings. 

    What photographers, artists, or other creatives do you look up to? 
    I'm very influenced by painters for some reason when it comes to my photography. Kerry James Marshall and Kehinde Wiley happen to be a huge inspirations of mine. But when It comes to photography, my friends are the ones I look up to: James Stanciell, Parker Woods, and Logan Delaney. Also more well known  photographers like Malick Sidibe and Lorna Simpson. Constantly I'm around people and friends who inspire me and my craft and I'm very grateful for it. 

    What are some current curiosities for you? 
    I'm very interested in making and mixing music lately. I've been chopping up old songs like on some old Kanye vibes and I'm looking forward to learning more about how to DJ and what not. 

    What are you looking forward to this summer? 
    Some friends and I are looking to throw another art show this summer so I'm really looking forward to that. 

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