• Photo Diary: LA in Bloom

    Every spring, Los Angeles seems to turn into a wonderland of blooming, vibrant pink flowers overnight; get inspired with photographer Chantal Anderson’s homage to their beauty— scroll on for her photos and personal reflections on flowers as a reminder of place, time, and everyday beauty. 

    "Every spring I add to my running tally of favorite Bougainvillea blooms in my neighborhood. There’s the iconic ones; the raspberry-colored Bougainvillea an artist pruned into the shape of a heart over the 101, the Bougainvillea bush that stretches the length of a 10-foot concrete wall in Echo Park that always has a dusty car parked perfectly beneath it like it's wearing a hat. 

    And then there’s the blooms that probably only I notice—the Bougainvillea at the top of the staircase that creates a sherbet archway for me to duck under every time I head to my car, or the one climbing through a neighbor’s unkempt fence threaded with an intoxicating Jasmine bush that I stop and smell at every opportunity.

    These ornamental plants can be found stretching across garbage cans and dusty broken fences, and covering retaining walls of abandoned construction sites or perfectly pruned next to backyard swimming pools and decoratively placed in planter pots in rooftop hotel bars downtown. They break up the monochrome, and add a feeling of wildness and overgrowth, showing no discrimination in where they like to grow." — Chantal Anderson

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