• Photo Diary: Fiji Dreams

    We’re escaping to the magical coast of Fiji, via the lens of photographer Christina Cernik, who lived there for a month while on a college internship. We love how she documented the experience — read on to see more from her trip to paradise.

    Fiji is a beautiful archipelago of over 300 islands east of Australia with rich culture and an array of different beaches: pristine coral reefs, crystal clear water, jungly rainforests, surfing, snorkeling, hiking…saying “I’m going to Fiji” is pretty synonymous with going to paradise. Christina says, “My favorite part while visiting Fiji was taking a boat to the surrounding islands. Mana Island, just off Fiji’s coast west coast, was incredible. I’ve never seen such clear water!”

    Before you go:
    - Research what time of year you’ll be going: high season is June-Sept (best weather, but most expensive and most crowded). Low season is Nov-April (rainy and humid, but much less expensive). Consider going during the in-between months, like May or October, when the weather will still be (relatively) nice and you have a better chance of getting a deal. 

    - Make sure your passport and travel visa are in check: getting there requires both

    - Prep for the journey. Christina calls getting to Fiji from the United States “the longest travel days of my life,” but it’s worth it. 

    Places to experience:
    - Navala Village: a picturesque highland village
    - Coral reef snorkling
    - River rafting through the Namosi highlands
    - Hiking at Waya Island
    - A walk through the local markets to experience and taste some of the fruits and vegetables exclusive to the area
    - Witnessing waterfalls in the rainforest at the Bouma National Heritage

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