• Photo Diary: Dreaming of Greece

    Whitewashed textures, bright azure skies, and historic buildings built on cliffsides…we’re considering the beauty of Greece with a travel diary from Michelle Norris and Forrest Aguar, two Atlanta-based photographers who create work driven by color and adventure. 

    "Greece is quiet in the spring. Once summer arrives, the rays of sun are accompanied by waves of travelers, but that’s not the case in April, when we went for this trip. The towns are more serene, the beaches sleepier, and the bustle quieter. We showed up during the last stretch of the calm. Travel has always been a pathway to inspiration for us – a way to find beauty in what might otherwise be mundane. Passing through these beautiful islands in their magical in-between time was everything that we hoped for."

    "Each place that we visited had its own special feeling: Mykonos has an all-white beach town that doubles as a maze.We used bakeries and clotheslines as markers to keep us from walking in circles. Outside the town are pastures and farms that lead out to 11 dreamy beaches, each more lovely than the last. Once, we found Paradise beach, only to be informed shortly after that we could also visit Super-Paradise beach for an even better time."  

    "Santorini is everything that people say it is. The towns really look like they might topple off its cliffs at any moment, and yet there is something so special about the delicate space they occupy. Here we walked from the town of Thira to Oia with the ocean on either side of our trail and a wind on our backs strong enough to make any hiker nervous. On the final leg of our trek, we emerged above the town of Oia and witnessed a sunset for the ages —affirming that the hike was not only worth it, but something that we would never forget. Greece held many moments like this. With so much beauty etched into every corner, each day can be something spectacular."

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