• Photo Diary: Costa Rica with Jessi Frederick

    Get a digital postcard from Costa Rica from blogger Jessi Frederick — find out in her words where she went, what she wore and what she recommends for your next trip.
    Photos by Daniela Spector

    At first, I thought booking a trip to Costa Rica for the beginning of summer was ridiculous. But of course, it’s best to keep an open mind…because when you least expect it (or at this point, most expect it), New York will be 60 degrees in June and you’re still left with your winter coats hanging in your closet right next to your vintage shorts and sandals (maybe this is what it’s like to live in LA during the winter…)

    Costa Rica is best defined as “Pura Vida,” which means “pure life.” A feel-good saying that all the locals use, in place of “hello,” “goodbye,” and everything in between. I decided that this time around, since I have been to Costa Rica a few times before, I would bring a group of my dear friends with me to expose them to the land of no makeup and surfing. 

    Above: photo by Jessi Frederick

    We stayed at my home in Langosta Beach, which is a small town outside of the more popular surf town Tamarindo (located on the Pacific Coast). My packing advice for my fellow travelers: bring shoes you can get dirty, sunglasses (two pairs because you will lose one in the ocean), two-piece swimsuits for before you get sunburned, one-piece swimsuits for after you get sunburned, and a lot of sunscreen… leave everything else at home.

    Every day began not with the sound of an iPhone alarm, but with a simple question of: “Is it raining?” If there answer was yes, everyone went back to sleep and woke up when the rain stopped… if the answer was no, then everyone had to wake up, have coffee, force one poor soul to cook the entire house breakfast, and walk two miles down the beach to Witches Rock Surf Camp, all before 9 am. 
    *The key to a productive vacation: if you are traveling to an area that is behind you in terms of time zones, it’s smart to stay on your regular time schedule—to make the most out of your day (and get optimal tan-time).

    Witches Rock is the best spot to feel like you’re somewhere else, but right at home all at once. You can surf, eat, use their Wifi, watch the Costa Rican Fabio ride on his wild horse up and down the beach, drink from coconuts, sit in the ocean for hours because it’s just as warm as the shower you took that morning, look at the volcanoes (the only active volcano is over 300km away, so you’re safe), and apply your sunscreen every two hours.

    Above: photo by Jessi Frederick

    Although this vacation wasn’t filled with excursions and zip-lining, I hope that on my next trip to Costa Rica I can be adventurous; like going to the Monteverde Cloud Forest and walking across the suspended bridge, volunteering at Territorio de Zaguates (the Land of the Puppies), or by spending more than 20 minutes surfing because I think that I may actually have a chance at being average.

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