• Photo Diary: Alyson Fox's Abstract Landscapes

    Austin-based Alyson Fox creates abstract, color-driven worlds through manipulated images. See her work and learn more about her process in our interview with the artist. 

    Can you explain more about the process for how you create these images?
    This series started as a way for me to get back behind the camera more.  I wanted to explore using my camera in a similar way that I draw or make objects. Less about styling and capturing an interesting moment or object to tell a story and more about a process and vague destination. 

    My degree is in photography and it will always be my first love in the world of making images but I also really enjoy using my hands to make something from scratch...this combines both of those worlds for me. I make all the scenes in my studio using different materials that I have around. It's very playful and intuitive. After I get a composition that I like, I use my medium format camera to capture the image out of focus. It's a very slow process which is good for me because I tend to work briskly through things. Some are motivated by a piece of artwork that I see or a place that I have physically been to and others are just about playing with color and shape. 

    Are there any specific stories/background info/processes you can reference for any of the specific images? 
    I like to keep them kind of a mystery as to what they are and how they are made. People have asked if they are watercolors or an actual place that I photographed. I like that. I like that they are hard to decode. Recently, I saw a lot of Josef Albers work in person and definitely held onto those color stories. 

    How do you think this fits into the scope of the other art you make? 
    For me it's always one continuous inner dialogue with myself. My camera is always set up in my studio and I like making a scene as a exercise to get the creative process going. I am someone who is invested in the process and not as much in the final image. I like to keep moving. I like to cross over different mediums but I don't see them as being separate. I see everything as a way to figure out my aesthetic and creative voice. 

    Do you have a way you describe your “aesthetic” or the visual sensibility you work within? 
    I don't. I have heard someone describe my drawings as "familiar and alarming" which I quite liked. I'm very curious and I work through a lot of ideas. I tend to never have my work around for too long. It makes me anxious. I look at it and think I should have done this or I just feel uncomfortable. I like to keep my present momentum going so I don't think too much about what I have made and more about what's next. 

    What are some color combinations, or pairings of color/texture/shape/object that are currently intriguing to you? 
    I want to recover our couch in a coppery rust color and have a bright (but light blue) circle pillow made for it. I am also currently really into landscape/object design. My husband and I are working on the outside of our house and some fun ideas are taking shape. Creating spaces/moments outside is very intriguing to me right now. Working with concrete blocks, grids and pattern in new ways. Also stop animation is calling me. Making scenes, characters and weird story lines. 

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