• UO Music Video Series: Perfume Genius

    Earlier this week, we blogged about how Perfume Genius' album Too Bright was one of our favorites of the year. So imagine how excited we were when we had the chance to collaborate with Perfume Genius—aka musical genius Mike Hadreas—on a music video for his latest track, "Fool." Watch the exclusive video here and read on for behind-the-scenes photos of its London filming!
    Words and photos by Joe Woodhouse

    Walking into the film shoot at the old forge on the Isle of Dogs in London I instantly stop and try and take in the surroundings, thinking, “What is going to happen here!?” Over half the interior is littered with sofas, dismantled beds, microwaves, cookers, fridges, sinks, coffee tables, desks, extraction units, washing machines, and mattresses—all pieces for the Perfume Genius shoot ready to be assembled and disassembled for its various sets. From the start it's clear that there is a very good feeling on set, and you can feel the excitement. We head outside for the first scene, where a young man in bright red lipstick, wearing golden rollerblades, leaning against a pastel blue Figaro, and lip synching to "Fool" is probably the last thing local commuters had envisioned happening upon on this morning. 

    It’s a smooth roller coaster of a day. Fluidly moving along from interesting visual too stark moody slow dance. We dart from set to set: rollerblading down the street, into a roller contest with a cast of somber judges, into a dance scene supported by costumed crows and girls on skates, into moodier solo scenes washed in blue light. Finally, there's the standout scene of Mike dancing solo with a feature boa — under stark blue and red lighting, it's just him as a figure, and seems slowed down and intensely focused."

    Listen to Perfume Genius on Soundcloud
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