• On The Menu: Road Trip Snacks

    Hitting the open road with your friends is one of the greatest joys of summer! But long days driving through new places, exploring local scenery, and singing along in the car will leave you hungry. Chelsea Lankford from Truelane recently went on her own road trip and gave us some great ideas for what snacks to pack to keep us fueled for our adventures.

    My personal favorite way to fight boredom on the road is eating, which can be a problem if you have too many sweet treats tucked around the car. I always try to have a good mix of healthy snacks and treats just indulgent enough to be satisfying when I’ll be stuck in a car for a day or more. The key is doing a little prep before you hit the road!

    One of my newest road trip must-haves is cold brew coffee. It’s easy to make and keeps for a couple of weeks if kept chilled. It’s a great way to save money and time instead of stopping for lattes or Americanos when you pass through a big city. Another one of my favorite snacks is homemade trail mix. You get to tailor it to your tastes and make as much as you want. Finally, I always have a few items in mind on my grocery list for truck stops or grocery stores to replenish your snack stock.


    - Coffee beans + grinder or ground coffee
    - Water
    - Cheesecloth
    - Large container
    - Sieve
    - Pitcher

    Coarsely grind fresh coffee beans until you have about 3/4 of a cup, and pour them into a large bowl or plastic container. I like my coffee strong, so I add about 6 cups of water to the coffee and let the whole thing rest overnight covered in a sheet of cheesecloth. In the morning (or 10-14 hours later), layer the cheesecloth inside the sieve, and pour the water amd coffee grounds through it, straight into the pitcher. At this point, you’re ready to bottle it up in your favorite reusable container and tuck it into the cooler for the trip ahead.


    - Sunflower seeds
    - Almonds
    - Pepitas
    - Walnuts
    - Dried cranberries
    - Dark chocolate chips
    - Golden raisins
    - Flaked coconut
    - Anything your heart desires!

    Pan-roast sunflower seeds on the stovetop. Let them crisp over low heat until they are a light brown. Make sure to pay close attention so they don’t start to smoke and burn. Roast your almonds in the oven on a sheet. They’re usually good after about 15 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Once both are cooled, add a few handfuls to a bowl and mix in the rest of your ingredients. Measurements don’t matter! Feel free to add more of what you love, or toss together equal amounts of everything.

    The nuts and seeds make a great base—after that, feel free to put in your favorite things. This has just become my favorite mix of fruits and sweets. Store it in an airtight container and put it in the side pocket of your car door for easy access.


    Choosing foods that will keep the car at its cleanest is ideal. I try to avoid chips and crackers and crumbly bread, and instead pack along some pretzel sticks and carrots to dip in fresh hummus. It takes care of my savory cravings and desire for crunch. I also have a huge sweet tooth, so I always want candy around, but with chocolate, you run the risk of melting if it isn’t kept in the cooler (like your trail mix should be if you add chocolate chips!). I like to bring along a packet of licorice. The added bonus is that it’s fun to eat and will make your brain feel like it’s keeping busy for a minute or two!

    I also like to bring along some small cheese sticks or wheels, because these tend to fill me up quickly after just one or two. Another easy choice is an apple. Bring along a few peanut butter packets to enhance the flavor and nutrients of this snack!

    Putting a little extra work into making and bringing your own food on the road will save you a ton of money and time on your road trip, because you won’t be ambling down the aisles of every convenience store you pass trying to decide what you want, and paying highway prices at that. Besides, the most fun moments of heading to a new destination are the ones that take place along the way. With these tips and treats, you’ll never reach the point of hangry, and be ready to say yes to any opportunity that the road might bring you.

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