• NXNE: Weekend Recap Part 2

    Saturday gleamed of daytime merrymaking. There was not a single event that seemed missable. But since we cannot (yet) willfully clone ourselves to attend and experience multiple things at the same time, difficult decisions had to be made. —Katie

    In the morning, the NXNE Indie Market took place at Ryerson University. Small presses, independent publications, and record labels lined Gould Street, attracting curious passers-by and sleep-deprived festival attendees. While at the quad, visual artists put various works on display.

    (Indie Market)

    Managed to snap some style shots of those who braved the morning light for the market. (Hey, 10:30am is early in festival-time!)

    Even Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew, Justin Peroff, and Brendan Canning were there, manning the Arts & Crafts table like it was no big thing.

    Later, AUX hosted their day party in the front room of The Garrison with Cousins, CTZNSHP, and Weaves--who all proved to be just as exciting in natural lighting!


    With NXNE taking up most of our lives in this hectic June window, it's easy to filter out events that are non-music related which is something to be mindful about!

    You could miss really great moments, like, I don't know, bumping into Marina Abramovic on the street? Witnessing John Malkovich save a life?! (In the latter case, though, I trust that you, too, would jump in and help, instead of gawk at the scene. Right? Right.)

    That said, the moment I refused to miss that day was Jordaan Mason's book launch at Glad Day for his debut novel, The Skin Team. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but judging from the readings, the universe is in for a literary treat.

    (Jordaan Mason)

    And of course, NXNE 2013 would not have been done right without catching Villagers at all. Brooklyn-based Brazos played just before the Dubliners at the Great Hall and got the crowd all comfortable in floor-sitting positions--something that just needs to happen more often, especially in the midst of a bustling festival week.


    And as expected, Villagers tugged at everyone's heartstrings, even compelling from the crowd a sweet sing-along to "Becoming A Jackal".