• Music We Love: Spooky Albums

    Halloween may come but once a year but for me it's an all-year-round celebration. This means that in addition to my regular horror movie intake and ghost-hunting extra-curriculars, my iPod is filled with some creepy tunes. I made you all a pretty alt Halloween music playlist last year, but here are 5 intensely spooky albums that will really get your blood curdling and the nightmares coming. Hazel

    Bauhaus - Mask
    I mean, is Bauhaus just the most Halloween-worthy music ever? The entirety of Mask feels like a horror flick, but the title track "Mask" get's bonus points for the monster-evoking lyrics: "While the thing I am becomes something else / part character, part sensation." 

    Portishead - S/T
    I remember the first time I heard Portishead, I was completely convinced that lead singer Beth Gibbons was a vampire. Her ghostly vocals backed by the band's ultra-cool, hypnotizing tracks make for one spooky debut LP. Listen to "Only You" with a candle lit. 

    Fever Ray - S/T
    As half of the brother-sister duo behind The Knife, the Swedish musician Karin Dreijer Andersson has crafted an aesthetic and a sound so twisted it has made her one of the scariest people making music these days. Her solo album under the name "Fever Ray" deserves your Hallows Eve-related attention. I mean, just watch the video for "If I Had A Heart" and tell me that isn't going to give you at least one nightmare. Or, all the nightmares. 

    Did you know if you go into the bathroom and say "Ian Curtis" three times, he'll appear in the mirror to you? JK, probs not. Also that's kind of sick. Anyway, Joy Division are like the posterchildren for post-punk creepiness and I can assure you that if you're having a Halloween party and you put on Unknown Pleasures everybody will be into it. 

    Burial's electronic, trip-hop influenced music is drone-y and beautiful but it's also straight up creepy and "Truant" is totally Ouija-board worthy.

    So basically The Cure were really dark and then they got all mushy gushy and were in a love that was "just like heaven" and then I guess someone broke up with Robert 'cause their eighth album went straight back to gloomsville. Put on "Lullaby," which is about a spider-man who "steals past the windows of the blissfully dead / looking for a victim shivering in bed." Aaah!