• Music We Love: Interpol's "Antics"

    Everybody has that band that they were whole-heartedly obsessed with when they were a teenager (though, I'm technically still a teenager), and for me that band was Interpol. Rest In Peace, my dark little sweethearts. I fell for this post-punk band of Joy Division-wannabes circa age 13 and it spawned a musical love affair that involved many Interpol Livejournal fan forums, pasting so many of their lyrics into my AIM profile and seeing them live (my first show ever!) on their Our Love to Admire tour. I can't even begin to describe to you how deeply obsessed with Interpol I was. The love runs deep. This dark love runs DEEP. 

    Antics is the band's sophomore LP and it is brooding, though that's to be expected from these four dudes. When I tell you I know every lyric to each song on here, I mean I know every lyric. That might not be a big deal to some people but I put this on in the car not too long ago after sort of forgetting about it for years and was surprised at myself for knowing it all by heart. There's a lot going on in "Evil." I mean seriously, give me some credit people. 

    This album is considered by many an Interpol fan to be the band's last solid release. A lot of people hated Our Love to Admire (I was not one of them!) and Interpol's last, self-titled LP wasn't exactly the greatest thing they've done. Then, they broke up, crushing the hearts of goth girls everywhere. Antics stands as a sort of time capsule for the best days of Interpol.


    "Evil," aside from Turn On The Bright Lights' "PDA" might be Interpol's most well-known song. Ugh, that beginning bassline is so good. I'm pretty sure Interpol's music is 90% bass, 10% all the other musical components. It also has an insanely creepy video directed by artist Charlie White, who uses his penchant for puppetry to make lead singer Paul Banks into some disturbing marionette. As for the song itself, the creepy, cryptic lyricism (how completely twisted is "It took a lifespan with no cellmate / to find a looong way baaack") is rumored to have been about the serial killer Rosemary West, though it's never been totally confirmed. Charming!


    Best intensely bitter break-up song ever award goes to "Slow Hands." Banks jumps from cutesy anecdotal love proclamations like "You make me want to pick up a guitar / And celebrate the myriad ways that I love you" to "Can you see what you've done to my heart and soul? / This is a wasteland now." Damn, boy! Paul, who broke your heart? It wasn't me. I would NEVER do that to you. Don't you just want to date everyone in this video? Yeah, you do. 2004 Interpol come back to meeeeeeeeeeee. Ugh, I'm going to cry.

    Oh, another break-up song. This time, however, Banks isn't crying about his tortured wasteland of a heart. Interpol gets a li'l romantic here, albeit defeated. But at the end of the day it's an optimist tune so when you're screaming over lost love in a dark corner for the first half of the album, "C'mere" will bring you back to sanity.


    I could say many things about "Narc" and Interpol at large but I'll just leave you with this YouTube comment from the user "sadkittyy" which basically sums up all my feelings: 

    Oh, Interpol. I miss you! Seriously, please come back. Please. Please. You should be in my spaaace, you should be in my liiife. Okay, fangirl OUT. Hazel

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