• Music Monday: September 2, 2013

    Music Monday! The songs this week are guaranteed to get you through the first week of September. Summer is officially over, but the fun doesn't have to be. Let's keep this party goin', y'all.

    Active Child – She Cut Me
    "She Cut Me" is a spooky new cut from Active Child. The vocal sampling, and puffs of vocal “light” really make the track. It lays low but it's really enjoyable. It seems like a more mature approach than the older Active Child stuff. Definitely a good direction for this artist. 

    Kwes is an amazing UK producer. Last year his EP Meantime set the tone for this upcoming LP. Meantime is really good front to back, most notably the track "LGOYH" which I believe is an acronym for Let Go Of Your Heart. This LP is going to be highly anticipated over here. This track "36" says “I’m still here and lets do it.” Siked for this one. 

    It seems it’s impossible to get sick of palm-muted indie dance tracks. There’s a lot of this sound out there right now, but each artist seems to find their own niche with the same sound. The steel drums and sexy guitar work make this one stand out among others. The back beat that comes in ¾ of the way through is a deal sealer. 

    The video released for this track is awesome. It’s basically a bunch of people dancing at an English Defense League rally. As controversial as the EDL is, to make a video for a straight up UK dance track there is perfect. Check out the video here. This track has so much energy, and that bass line keeps coming back right in time. 

    The “trap” sound has come a long way. The futuristic interpretations are taking the sound to a whole new level. This is smoothed out, with the trap vocals, almost UK Garage style. Some of these sub genres get roped in with a bad crowd and by bad I mean good.