• Music Monday: September 16, 2013

    Welcome to Music Monday! Check out what we've got for you below. —Corbin

    Jacques Greene – Faithful 
    Jacques Greene has become one of my favorite electronic artists. He is dark and sinister, but still romantic and relaxed. Faithful was released on the On Your Side EP back in July. Jacques also collaborates with How To Dress Well on the single off of this EP, and his new remix of Autre Ne Veut is super killer. This track, "Faithful," is a B side. And what a B side! Jacques just played the Ray Ban x Boiler Room Pitchfork Festival after party, so check out his Boiler Room set which he played alongside Ryan Hemsworth, his trap counterpart. 

    Cock & Swan – Animal Totem 
    This duo from Washington state has several tracks with quite a range of sound and genre on their Soundcloud. This track has that lush, disco-y, head-bobber thing happening. Perfect for late night or during the pre-game. It’s minimal and sounds authentic. What more could you ask for?

    Bruce Smear – Rodeo 
    This track is all over the place, but remains tight enough to have a solid dance vibe. We’re almost at the point where tracks like this are “chill” because of how aggressive and wild some of the Bass and Trap tracks are. Scary. 

    Weed – Silent Partner 
    This whole shoe-gaze comeback may be the best thing for indie rock. This track has a stoner vibe, with shoe-gaze vocals. They sit atop an overdriven slosh of tearing it up. Weed’s whole record is good, and it makes me want to hear Slowdive – Alison

    Dante Carfagna – Worry Your Time 
    Another gem from Numero Group. Since this is Numero Group I’m only going to add one thing: I think it’s crazy that this dude built a song off of a muted guitar sample. So awesome.