• Music Monday: November 4, 2013

    Welcome to Music Monday! Gettin' your week started off right. This week, we have a PREMIERE TRACK for you guys - Wild Cub's "Thunder Clatter (Twin Shadow Remix)", and the first song on our mix. Check it out and let us know what you think! —Corbin

    Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter (Twin Shadow Remix)
    Track premiere! Wild Cub has an LP coming in January, but for now, we get Twin Shadow's take on their song "Thunder Clatter". This has a spacey, disco feel, with a sound that is reminiscent of Close's "My Way", or even that new Internet stuff. Check out the original version of Wild Cub's "Thunder Clatter" here. We're looking forward to the new LP, and in the meantime, a free download of the track is available here.

    Tripp Krammer - Free
    We're big fans of the neo RNB sound that's happening. The guitar in this song stands out for me, because it has a nice warmth to it. There's also a huge vocal boom at the end that brings it all in well. And we can't get over the bongos mixed with the huge vocal boom. Solid stuff. This reminds me a lot of the last Inc record.

    Ten Walls - Requiem
    To accompany our big premiere, this is the first clip to make it to Music Mondays. You'll see why when you listen to "Requiem". This is a big track. There are a lot of tracks with this sound, but this one is definitely the winner. For more Ten Walls, check out Gotham.

    Black Realm - Falling Down
    Falling down has that retro warmth that's had to find. It's empty, but has a nice bassline running along thoughout, as well as some tight changes. Another artist who sounds like this (warm and chill) is a (used to be) Philly musician Brendan Codey.

    Marley Carroll - The Hunter
    Underwater sounding, house-y, nice bass sounds. This track does it. Great groove, and the music moves well and quickly enough to satisfy you throughout. We all know how downbeat some house gets. I didn't want to compare this one to anything, but I would say it's similar to Caribou's "Odessa", and The Field's "Everyday". Great song, Marley Carroll.