• Music Monday: November 11, 2013

    It's Monday, so here are some tunes to get you through the week! —Corbin

    Seablaze - Pastel Spells
    Pastel Spells has a refreshing house/step sound going on. This is a really solid tune. It's got the innocence of Taquami mixed with the bounce of Cashmere Cat or any of the Dorian Concept remixes. There are many other Seablaze tracks on their Soundcloud and all have this killer vibe to them.

    Vaadat Charigim – Ze Beseder Lefahed

    This track has a great feeling to it right from the beginning. The vocals are reminiscent of Iceage, but it has the fuzzyness of Ride. Not understanding a word doesn't take away anything from this tune. Vaadat Charigim are from Israel and have a full length album coming out tomorrow.

    A Million Billion Dying Suns - Plush

    There's a lot of energy in this one. It moves along super powerfully but still allows you to maintain the groove. Solid reverb on the vocals, and good overall vocal presence. Love this track because of the speed disco and early '90s bass and guitar licks.

    Kania – Ha21 (Feat. Nigel Mphisa)

    This smoothed out tune seems like it was way ahead of its time, seeing as it hit Soundcloud a year ago. This has the perfect Pure Moods vibe that Clammy Clams had when Instrumentals came out. There's good pitching on the voice, and nice matchstick drums. 

    Helfer - Couch Surfer

    Helfer "Couch Surfer" continues their stride with a fully fleshed out digital take on a downtempo Portishead tip. This is a majorly big tune. It looks like you can expect an EP from Helfer soon.