• Music Monday: May 8, 2017

    Check it out. Welcome to the new week. Enjoy all these songs. Which one's your favorite? We'd tell you to sound off in the comments, but we don't have a comments section. 

    Slowdive - Go Get It
    We love the new album from Slowdive. This slushy track is one of the album's highlights. 

    Trevor Sensor - High Beams
    Trevor Sensor's signature Bobcat vocal style shines here. He's also accompanied by a filled-out backing track than his usual, miminal-folk rock sound. 

    Jarami - Aurora
    A beautiful instrumental from Frank Ocean collaborator Jarami. 

    Jodi - Remember
    Pinegrove member goes solo on this new track! 

    Inner Wave - Bower
    Nice new indie rock with a funky, tight vibe.