• Music Monday: August 26, 2013

    It's Music Monday! School is finally starting back up for some of us (ugh), so here are some tunes to help get you bonding with your new roomies and classmates.

    Croquet Club – Cardigan
    This track doesn’t really need an explanation, per se. Just hit play, listen to the BBC announcer talk for a few seconds...and whoa. Croquet Club, is most notably part of Anjuna Beats and has another killer track being released August 26 called "Awake." "Awake" is proving that they can carry this sound in other places and spaces. 

    Teen Daze – Ice On the Windowsill
    Teen Daze is back with more smoothed out, chill wonderfulness. This new track, from the new album Glacier out October 1st on Lefse Records, sounds promising as the promo single. We will be looking forward to this; seems like a perfect direction for Teen Daze. 

    Agua Roja – Summer Ends 
    This track's title seemed appropriate. That, and the track is really good. It’s fun, and light, but still has surprising moments and flashes of inter-genre fusion. There wasn’t a ton of information on Agua Roja or Red Water, but if they have more material it’s worth a listen. 

    King Krule (Zoo Kid) – Out Getting Ribs 
    So, not many people know the many hats Archy Marshall wears. Before the intial King Krule EP on True Panther, Archy released an EP and debut single in April 2010. This track, a wonderful live recording from a show possibly at Shea Stadium, was first released on the Zoo Kid EP and is now being re-recorded and released on 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, which drops today. 

    Black Milk – Perfected on Puritan Ave. 
    The production on this track is really refreshing. The verses are also awesome; they tell a story, and they have insight. There’s a lot of material from this artist, and this track is from the Forthcoming LP No Poison No Paradise.