• Music Monday: April 6, 2015

    If you're always on the hunt for new music, head here every Monday for five freshly picked tunes to start your work week off right!

    Imugi - Dizzy
    Wow—a really wonderful track from Imugi. This is the first we've heard of her, but it's super good and has all the 90s feels you can hope to get in a song. Looking forward to more of this for sure. 

    Sean Henry - some sweet day (Sparklehorse)
    Here is a super chill cover of Sparklehorse from Sean Henry. Sean has that nice Brooklyn lo-fi thing happening that's become a staple of the Brooklyn indie scene.

    Hinds - Trippy Gum
    New one from Hinds (F.K.A. Deers). They're an excellent jangly four piece from Madrid. They are doing a cassette with Burger Records—whom we did a cassette with, since Burger is the place for be for everything cassettes. Everything's Burger in Texas. 

    Howling - Stole the Night
    Howling has this kind of pushing and pulling crooning thing happening. Ever since their early stuff, there has been this relentless melancholy to their tracks. They're still completely danceable though; interesting combo. 

    Du Blonde - Mind Is On My Mind (feat. Samuel T. Herring)
    Excellent new track from Du Blonde featuring Future Islands' Samuel T. Herring. This track is from Du Blonde's new LP, Welcome Back to Milk, out on May 18 via Mute.