• Movie Style: The Dreamers

    Spoiler alert: The Dreamers is a really creepy movie. But it's about people in the '60s in France, so it's obviously tres chic. (That means stylish right? I mean that this movie is stylish.) The awesome Michael Pitt, awesome-r Eva Green and some other good looking guy basically hang out and talk about pretentious films but also have weird sex for two hours. Oh, and smoking. There's a lot of smoking. Don't smoke. But do dress like the kids in The Dreamers. Angelo

    Smoking is not tight, but if your cigarettes are red, it looks kind of tight. 

    Pitt peeing in the sink is the least creepy thing that happens in this movie. 

    Levi's and Chucks: never not a good option. 

    Oh shit, mom and dad are home, and all we've been doing is hanging out naked. 

    Oh shit, there's some sort of revolution happening and I don't understand the historical context but look at that great sweater.

    Get the look:

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Women's High-Top Sneaker

    Levi's 511 Rinsed Playa Jean

    Quay Kittie Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Coincidence & Chance Baby Corduroy Overall Skirt

    UO Watch Cap

    Kimchi Blue Velvet Skater Dress