• Make 4 Instagrammable Toasts with Pearl Butter

    Toast has never looked this good thanks to the new colored coconut butters from Pearl Butter. With four different colors + benefits to choose from, you can pick a butter based on how you're feeling each day... and snap a pic while you're at it!

    Above: Glow-Getter Pearl Butter

    The Glow-Getter Pearl Butter is the brightest and happiest of them all. With nourishing turmeric and ashwaganda to benefit your mood, this will give you the energy boost needed in the morning to help you make it through the day.

    Above: Beauty ButterĀ Pearl Butter

    The Beauty Butter is the first of the Pearl Butters to take over Instagram and change the toast game. (How could it not? It's pink!) This collagen-boosting butter includes activated pearl, dragonfruit and shavegrass (an herb that's used to help boost skin, hair + nail health) to make you glow from the inside and out.

    Above: Dirty Detox Pearl Butter

    Dirty Detox is a juice cleanse done in an instant. Formulated with activated charcoal and milk thistle, this will strengthen, protect and clean out your liver. Make some goth toast and give it a shot!

    Above: Smarty Pantsuit Pearl Butter

    Smarty Pantsuit is the butter to to keep your brain sharp. Loaded with neuroprotective proteins and ginkgo, this will also benefit your muscles and sleep. You'll wake up with a well-rested mind, ready to take on the day. Plus, if you add on some sprinkles, your toast will be the breakfast your 5-year-old self only could have dreamed of.

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