• Lush Caca Mama Hair Dye Bars

    Hair dye is one of those things that seem unavoidably toxic. Searching online for a way to tone down my brassy old highlights without choking on fumes, I discovered... A chocolate bar? The whimsically monikered, chemical-free Caca Mama Bars from Lush combine henna with other natural-dye ingredients like coffee and indigo to create colors beyond the basic red. The base is cocoa butter, and just like you're making hot chocolate, you shave it and melt it before letting it cake onto your hair for up to a few hours. Though the process is slow and supposedly quite messy, most of the online reviews are raves; some even swear the stuff seals up split ends. And when you consider the foul, cancer-causing chemicals that soak right into your scalp when you use regular dye—and what probably happens when they get rinsed down the drain—it seems worth a shot. -Eviana