• Look of the Week: Josiah Nedd

    Introduce yourself!
    Hey-yo, I’m Josiah Nedd. I was born in California, raised in Massachusetts, and I'm a current Philadelphian. I'm a T-shirt junkie whose head you will never see because it’s always under a hat.

    What do you do here at UO?
    I’m the Sr. Financial Analyst for Urban. I help prepare and track our budgets, forecasts, and analyze financial blah blah blah… I basically help with the money stuff so the really creative people can focus on the creative stuff. 

    We've spent the past two weeks taking photos of you wearing nothing else but a tee and hat, but today you come in all dressed up. What are you wearing today and why the switch up?
    Tonight we're going to happy hour with my crew here at UO and today I’m a little more dressed up than usual. I’m wearing an Express dress shirt with a skinny black UO Silk Tie, my Brooks Brothers tuxedo jacket (that I actually wore to my high school prom), Levi’s 514 jeans, and my drinkin’ shoes (black dress shoes that I don’t mind spilling drinks on), topped off with a Brooklyn Dodgers fitted. 

    We love that you have your own personal style with your hat and tee combo. What inspired that look?
    Umm.. comfort maybe? I’m really just a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy. When I first interviewed here in 2004 they said there wasn’t a dress code and they weren’t kidding, so I’m living it up. Since then T-shirts have been kind of an obsession and I’ll spend hours trolling the internet to find something unique, weird or mildly offensive.

    The hats started in college when my boy Prince (whuddup Prince!) took me to Cherry Hill Mall where I got my first fitted. Since then you’ll very rarely find me without a hat on.

    What is your favorite hat? Your favorite shirt?
    My favorite hat (for now) is my Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland, Cheshire Cat Hat, mostly because it’s really polarizing—people either love it or hate it. 

    My favorite tee is my Print Liberation “I Survived the Bush Administration” one which is also very polarizing and never fails to get a comment from someone.

    Where are your top five places to shop?
    1. Karma Loop: Endless selection of tees
    2. Print Liberation: Philly screen-printers with great tees
    3. Society6: Really cool artwork on tees
    4. MiLB Store: If you want a fitted that nobody’s seen before, you can’t beat Minor League Baseball
    5. CraniumFitteds: Pages and pages of unique fitteds
    +1 Urban Outfitters: I get a pretty sweet discount