• Local Heroes: Sabrina is Not in This Chat

    Last week Space 15 Twenty partnered up with PLAY LIKE A GIRL - a women powered collective that creates a safe place for women to connect, create and prosper - for a SMASHCLUB X PLAG showcase at Space 15 Twenty that highlights and celebrates some of the raddest female local acts. Here we chatted with Sabrina is Not in This Chat about their performance.
    Photos by Iris Ray 

    Tell us about yourselves.
    Sabrina is Not in This Chat consists of Olivia DeBonis (vocals and guitar), Siena LaMere (drums) and Maddie Calderon (vocals and bass). We are three gals making sounds in the city of Los Angeles.

    What role has music played in your lives? Was music something we always saw ourselves doing?
    Olivia: When I was 15 I was really depressed so I started writing music in my garage and it’s the reason I got out of a sad time in my life and found my best friends who are also musicians. Being a musician in LA has also been amazing because I’m part of this great creative supportive community.

    Siena: I think music has played a pretty cool role in my life, especially living in Los Angeles. LA provides a music and arts scene for young people to express themselves. Music has led me to meeting like-minded people, inspiring visual arts and making new friendships, and many good times!

    Maddie: Music was fucked for me until like high school. I mean my mom thought Nickleback was great. But ultimately it has led me to the people that I call my family.

    How did you all meet?
    Olivia: Siena and I were in a different band together for two years. We met when I started musically collaborating with Siena’s sister and when I heard that Siena was a drummer, I was like, we should start a band!

    We also went to the same high school. Ever since that other band had to break up because members moved away for college, Siena and I have been writing new music for Sabrina is Not in This Chat, with just guitar and drums.

    I met Maddie at a show at The Smell, and when I was talking to her she told me she played bass, so I said she should come jam with us because we were looking for a bassist!

    Siena: And then “Sabrina” began.

    What are some of your most memorable experiences performing?
    Siena: At our first show playing together the crowd was so wild that Olivia got knocked over while playing! Also we had a gig at The Smell recently when it was predicted to be the largest storm in Los Angeles for the past 20 years and it was insane getting down there (trees and power lines falling everywhere!), but ended up being really fun.

    Maddie: Lol Olivia got straight wiped out.

    How would you describe your music?
    Olivia: I think our music is really creative and different, which is our goal. We don’t want to sound like everyone else, we’re trying to create a new sound. And we all have different influences, so it’s really cool to combine what we know and learn from each other.

    Siena: Yea, I agree. 

    Olivia: All of our different influences create a variety of sounds and vibes that create something we all enjoy. Also in our band all of us play several instruments so we like to switch it around when making new songs.

    Maddie: Even the writing process is out there. We kind of just start laughing uncontrollably when we play something that sounds weird and cool.

    Dream collab - who would it be?
    Olivia: I think collaborating with Kim Gordon would be tight.

    Siena: Definitely.

    What's next for you?
    We have some festivals on the horizon for this summer in LA, as well as showcases with the local collective Smash Club. Sabrina is Not in This Chat is also working on recording and releasing an EP soon.

    Any advice for young musicians?
    Well we are young musicians, haha. I would say just have fun with it- make sure to.

    Lastly, what do you hope for people to take away from your upcoming set at Space 15 Twenty?
    We are trying to create a new sound, and encourage diversity in the LA scene. If you come see us play we hope to see you at our shows in the future! p.s. We f****** shred. Thank you.

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