• Levi's Bike Shop Tour: Dominic's Update August 29

    The Levi's Bike Shop has already rolled halfway across the country and the crowds keep growing. By the time we reached Austin, TX we realized we were going to need bring on one more to join Errol, Capricia, and I on this whirlwind tour.

    As luck would have it, our man was waiting for us at the Urban UT Campus lot as the shop rolled up, asking if he could help the day of our pit stop in Austin. Little did he realize he was about to get recruited.

    Dustyn, one of Urban Outfitters' own and a mechanic from Fast Folks, was a natural for the job.  Dustyn has jumped right in to work opposite Errol and help sort through all the roughed up bikes. He has an infectious enthusiasm about bicycles, loves helping people figure out what's wrong with them, has a natural gift of gab, and a penchant for arm wrestling. 

    Dustyn taught this young rider how to put on her own bike bell. 

    We're off and running now as a four person team in Chicago, and gearing up for a group ride in tonight's Critical Mass.

    Today is also Dustyn's birthday. Happy Birthday pal and welcome to the team.

    Follow us on the road @GetInTheSaddle! —Dom