• Levi's Bike Shop Tour: Dominic's Update August 15

    "Fresh on the heels of our launch in NYC, the Bike Shop rolled into Philadelphia for a 2-day stint in Urban's hometown.

    On a very warm Thursday afternoon, we set-up shop at City Hall as commuters of type pedaled up with their bikes eager for a tune-up. Bravo to the businessmen on bikes, clad in suits and ties.

    To manage the masses, the Bike Shop was honored to welcome the legendary Philly bike builder Stephen Bilenky (Bilenky Cycles) who worked the other side of the bench across from our mechanic Errol. Bilenky has been setting the standard for custom building for over 40 years, and he brought along a couple of his cycles for show. I caught Errol staring at them longingly. 

    The next day we hiked it over to the incredible Urban Outfitters complex in the Navy Yard, with converted industrial buildings situated alongside hulking ships and grassy plots filled with smiling people. Bilenky joined us again for round two, but my eyes had now turned to the lovely gals from Little Baby's Ice Cream—bicycle powered summer treats! I don't know what their secret is, but the Earl Grey Sriracha was the best ice cream I've had in recent memory. 

    Throughout the afternoon, the Urban denizens came out in full force, and their enthusiasm was infectious. They presented us with some tall orders... a few junkers ("old souls") were brought back to life as best as anyone could. Meg and Mia brought over an Indian rickshaw from Anthropologie. It's a beautiful relic and we had quite a bit of fun with it, but in the end it was best left as "art."

    On the DIY side, I found several of the ladies getting innovative with the custom tool pouches, coming up with new designs for cell phone holstering and getting playful with the stencil bin. 

    The special request of the day came from Urban's Stephen Loidolt, who brought over one of the UO community bikes—we tricked it out. 

    Thanks for the warm welcome Urban, and for a really fun day. It was sad to leave that sanctuary as the sun went down, but the rest of the tour beckons. On to DC and Asheville, NC."—Dominic

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