• Ladies Who Rock: Joan Baez

    Joan Baez might have been known for hanging out with Bob Dylan a lot, but on her own, she's a pretty impressive lady. She had a ton of her own albums, and was involved in a lot of the political movements of the '60s. It's almost impossible to choose favorites when it comes to her because of how many albums she's had, but here's a little sampling of what Joan Baez has to offer. Even at 72 she's still just as awesome as she was when she was 22!—Katie

    Everything in this video—the stage, the camera effects, her outfit—is so super '70s, it's amazing. And this cover! Go Joan.

    This is another cover, but this one needs to be included as well, because HOW BEAUTIFUL DOES IT SOUND?

    This video is longer, but it opens with "Silver Dagger" which is a great song, all about how men are dogs. Hell yeah.