• Ktag Clothing

    Hey Ktag, how about YES? BECAUSE YES I WANT EVERYTHING YOU SELL! I've seen these images floating around the web lately, so it was like the sun shown directly down upon me as I unknowingly clicked onto the page and found the T-shit above that I've been obsessing over for weeks! Little did I know that this designer had way more to offer me.

    With clothing for both men's AND women's, Ktag is on point with the current trends on the web. The tanks are sexy, the phrases are perfect (do yourself a favor and give "Va Te Faire Foutre" a Google) and IDK if you noticed but almost everything is black and white AKA perfect for every one to wear every day doing every thing imaginable.

    Soooo is it pay day yet? Because I'm ready to wear clothing that tells creepy guys "NO" so I don't have to ;). Now BRB time to waste half my morning on their Tumblr and lurk to find out who this hot model chick is. —Ally