• Jurassic Style: Laura Dern

    Jurassic Park is nearly 20 years old, and back in theaters in 3D (not that I'd ever want to see a movie bad enough to drop $15). It's a classic, and so is Laura Dern's underrated paleobotanist style. These behind-the-scenes shots piqued my interest (Spielberg's '90s style is on-point too), so I dug through the archive, aka watched the movie again, and unearthed some dope fashion fossils (bam!). Dern is straight on-trend for summer 2013 in double denim, bucket hat, camp socks and boots, and classic glasses of both the shaded and prescriptive varieties. Girl got game even when shit hits the fan and two genius velociraptors are hunting her down. If Jurassic Park taught us anything — well, beside "Don't clone dinos!" — it's that a quality outfit will get you through most life-threatening situations. —Angelo

    Oh snap! Not to be outdone, young Lex comes through with the faded paisley tank, side-braid and purple 5-panel cap.

    Even in distress our muse makes a bold but smart choice with the classic yellow rain slicker. 

    Oh no, raptors! Don't worry though because here comes...

    Sexy Jeff Goldblum! All's well that ends well. 

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