• July Guest Blogger: Christina Mullen

    Christina Mullen is a creative writer, costume designer and comic book lover hailing from UO's hometown of Philadelphia. She's also my sister. As you can tell from the photo above, her love for comics started at an early age. As she got older, it became her "thing," and I began to be dragged into "just one more" comic book shop for her to browse in as she picked out crazy cool comics I never even knew existed.

    Currently, she works in the criminal justice field and I'm pretty sure that after hours she gets revenge on the criminals she encounters by fighting crime in the tough streets of Philly, dressed in one of her amazing hand-made superhero costumes, disguised under the name "The Law." For the month of July she'll be sharing her extensive knowledge with us, proving that all you need to conquer the comic world are the books, the brains and yes, a cape. —Ally