• Joey Grana of Scout L.A. Vintage

    This Sunday's Space 15 Twenty weekly courtyard flea market is hosted by Joey Grana, owner of L.A. boutique Scout.  Joey stocks big name designers alongside a treasure trove of vintage finds and his own eponymous collection of paper-thin t-shirts and washed silk jackets, garnering a following that includes everyone from Erin Wasson to a guy called Pink Fluffy.

    At what point do you consider yourself successful?
    Maybe when I grow up.

    Who is your most memorable customer?
    We had this customer we called Pink Fluffy.  He was just this regular-looking dude, except he would buy (and wear) girls' ruffled butt panties– sometimes with pink crystal clip-on earrings.

    How has your store evolved since its inception?
    Lots of things have changed, but people always like my vintage selection so I keep doing that.

    If you could go shopping anytime in history, what would you stock up on?
    I. Magnin in the '80s.

    What kind of person wears your in-house brand?
    Cassie and Harley.

    What's your most in-demand vintage era?
    I'm going for early 2000 these days.

    How does one build personal style?
    By avoiding fashion magazines.

    If you had a yacht, what would you name it?
    The S.S. Beans, after my cat.

    What's your favorite saying?
    If I ever bore you, it will be with a knife.

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