• Interview: Floss Gloss Girls

    You may have caught some of our amazing nail tutorials with the Floss Gloss nail polish gals—now we're lucky enough to have an amazing interview! We recently spoke to the girls about the future of their brand, how they became besties, and what it takes to keep one's nails flossin'.
    Interview by Ally Mullen

    Hi ladies! Introduce yourselves and tell us some things about yourselves that everyone should know!

    Aretha: I'm Aretha and I live for the rap game, rockstars, and caffeine.
    Janine: Hey, I'm Janine and I am half Korean. I have a baaad Blue Boston Terrier named ~Bodie~ and my nails are naturally square.

    How long have the two of you known each other?
    J: Since roughly 2007/2008. We met in college.
    A: Janine and I met in 2008.

    How did Floss Gloss begin and where did you get the name from?
    A: I have been mixing colors since the '90s; there weren't many good ones in stores forever. Janine and I instantly hit it off in college and she'd help me hustle my mixes and one thing just led to another. The name was just some fun rhyme we called our nail crew.
    J: In college, after class we'd paint nails with Aretha's new one-off color, chillin' and watching ANTM. The name "Floss Gloss" was born during a nail art session after I had rapped to the group that my nails were flossin' and glossin' like a boss. My nails were flossin' cuz Aretha's colors were soo bossy and original. Floss Gloss is what we had to stay true to when we started the company.

    Where do you find inspiration for colors?
    J: Most importantly, colors we've never been able to find, ever. But def music, fashion, personal idols.  
    A: I get inspiration from any and everything. It can get weird. 

    What's your favorite FG color at the moment?
    A: My current favorite FG color has to be Dimepiece cuz it's an instant rave, but I also cannot live without Con Limon and Fastlane.
    J: OMG, well Neon Nacho is my baby. I am obsessed with our new summer collection (coming to Urban super soon!). Pony and Blood, Suede & Tears. But I'm obsessed with Bikini Coral, Glowstar and Con Limon. Soo hard to choose, though!

    Since starting FG, what's the longest time you've gone without having your nails painted? How often do you change your nail color?
    J: So embarrassing, but probs like 2-3 days, at my most stressed out. There's nothing I hate more than a chipped mani, so in those cases I'd rather be bare than chipped.  
    A: The longest is like 30 seconds tops, YOLO. I change my nails for every outfit, so about 3-6 times a day.

    After nails, what's your second favorite beauty product(s)?
    A: Love me some vamp lipstick. Gotta keep it goth.
    J: Eyebrow/Lash gel is my #1 after nail polish--I'm big on Brows.  Close seconds: Maui Brown Babe, Body Time's China Rain scent in anything, Davines Vegetarian Hair Mask.

    Ever do any celeb nails? If not, if you could have any celebrity wear your polish, who would it be and why?
    J: Never done any Celeb nails, although Floss Gloss has graced the nails of celebs like Anne Hathaway and Gangsta Boo of Three 6 Mafia. But if I had to pick another celeb it would probs be Britney. BritBrit2000 is our homage to her. Her 2000 VMA sheer, peachy, nude sparkle cat suit was the direct inspiration for this sheer piece of art in the form of nail lacquer.  This clearly stemmed from our pre-teen baby fangirling, along with my Baby, One More Time cassette tape.  Duh, Idol.

    Give us some quick tips!

    How to not get paint on your skin?
    J: Honestly, just a steady hand and practice. But when I paint my nails I always paint my thumbs last, so I can use my thumbnails to clean up the cuticle area around my other nails.

    Tips for getting paint off your skin without getting it off your nail?
    J: Def try a flat and thin paint brush or gel brush and using acetone/remover paint the brush around your cuticles.
    A: Dip a brush in remover if you want to go to the next level.

    How much time do you give yourself to let each coat dry?
    J: Depends on polish, but it's Floss Gloss, no waiting.
    A: I don't wait. It's Floss Gloss

    The biggest mistake people make with nail polish/nail art?
    J: It might not be considered a mistake, but a lesser-known fact is that many nail polish companies are male owned and dominated. I'd personally prefer to buy products made and designed for women, by women. Just sayin'.
    A: Not having them flossin'.

    Best nail polish remover in the game?
    J: Personally, I'm still rocking that Walgreens/CVS Strengthening remover, cuz I'm still on that budget. But if I get to it, the SpaRitual Conditioning Lacquer remover with citrus extract is amaze.
    A: I use non-acetone drug store or whatever's around. But if its glitter I go for the acetone.

    Any future plans for expanding the brand? What's next for you two?!
    J: So many plans for expanding the brand. New products, hot garments and accessories.  Lots for all the Floss Gloss FanBabes to look forward to! Look out this Fall '13 for a soft grunge inspired collection and into 2014 for new nail polish colors and glitters!!
    A: Lots of fun plans for the brand including more makeup, some clothing and other party supplies ;)

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