• Blake & Steak

    Interview: Blake Anderson

    We ran into Blake Anderson and his boo Rachael at Coachella.  Here we get the dirt (or should I say dust?) on who they watched, what they saw, and Blake's number one survival item for the festival.
    Interview by Ally Mullen

    Introduce yourself to anyone who may not know who you are.
    I'm Blake from the wildly successful, incredibly funny, moving and groundbreaking television show, Workaholics.

    Who is in your Coachella crew for the weekend?
    Chase Money ambassador of Austin, Trash Wang and my boo, Steak.

    Earl Sweatshirt selfies!

    Where are you staying?
    In the backseat of my jeep at a gas station.

    Have you ever been to Coachella before? If so, would you ever camp there?
    This is my second Coachella, but I'm afraid to camp there though because there are too many gypsies and witchcraft.

    What color path are you following?
    Uhhh...I'm just gonna say brown?

    Who are the top five bands you plan on seeing?
    Trash Talk, Descendents, Violent Femmes, Earl, R. Kelly. I'm always tryin' to see R. Kelly.

    What brands are you going to be sporting for the weekend?
    TEENAGE all day, everyday. Crap shades and a Mishka hat for those sun purposes.

    If you had to create a five-item survival guide for Coachella, what would be included in it?
    All beer everything

    Blake & Steak with future About A Guy, Jeremy Burke

    What's the best after party you've gone to and why?
    Well we did roll 12 deep to a Red Robin on Sunday and shut that bitch down.

    What's the latest you've stayed up so far?
    Three hours past my bed time.

    How do you deal with your hair in this weather?
    I'm trying to come outta the festival with dreads: hand sanitizer and sand.

    What's the most ridiculous thing you've seen at the festival?
    The amount of butt cheeks this year were staggering. I felt like I could see the tip of every girls' butt cheeks.

    What were you doing at exactly 4:20 on 4/20?
    I mighta been at Mellowhype... or maybe I was at Jack in the Box? Maybe I was at a bar? Shit, I dunno.


    First week or second?
    Second weekend. It's way laid back. I think its because everybody's brains have already been fried.

    Extreme heat or cold desert nights?
    Extreme heat. I don't mind when it's hot, ain't nothin that a cold beer can't fix.

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