• Interview: Almie Rose of Apocalypstick

    Almie Rose of Apocalypstick is a hilarious lady blogger who writes about dating, awkward situations and why sexy costumes suck. If you're not obsessed with her yet, you will be soon. -Katie

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi! My name is Almie. It’s a tricky name to pronounce, as my parents made it up, so no one is sure what to do with it. It’s pronounced AL-me, like Al Pacino. Or...any other Al, really. Just think of it like, “AL Pacino and ME!”

    How long have you been blogging? Are you one of those people who had a Xanga in 2000?
    I have been officially blogging on my blog, Apocalypstick, since March of 2009. Before that I had a Livejournal account but that wasn’t anything I would consider blogging. That was more of, here are photos I took of me and my friends trying desperately to look as cool as Cory Kennedy. The '00s were crazy times, man.

    (Photo credit: Jon Cottam)

    If you ever kept a physical diary, what was in it? Anything embarrassing?
    I kept journals when I was younger. When I was around 10 I used them to draw outfits, thinking I wanted to be a fashion designer. Then later, in the middle school years, I found myself writing things like, “I wish Evan would get horny for me and NOT Ashley!” Mother of God.

    Your tagline is "No matter how relaxed I am, I still feel awkward." What's the most awkward thing that's ever happened to you at a party?
    Probably when the host wanted to hook me up with his friend. He introduced us by grabbing his friend’s camera from him, taking a picture of me, and handed it back to him saying, “That’s for you to masturbate to later.”

    In your post "How To Survive A Party Alone" you mention using happy music to pump yourself up. What's the number one greatest tune you psych yourself up with?
    The number one greatest tune I use to psych myself up with has to be “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Yes, it’s criminally overplayed in pop culture but I dare you to listen to it all by yourself in your room and not dance.

    (Still from Almie's YouTube series Apocalypstick Answers Your Questions, with her friend Max Landis)

    What's the best party you've ever been to?
    The best party I’ve ever been to was an accidental party. My friend was in town from NYC and we met up with a friend of mine at a bar, and then his friend shows up. His friend was a very popular guy, a big comedic actor at the time. An hour or so later, he’s inviting everyone we were hanging out with at the bar back to his place. We get there and it’s a total “Garden State” moment—everyone takes off their clothes and jumps into the pool in their underwear. It was crazy L.A. magic.

    When you go to a relatively nice party (like, not a kegger) do you opt for comfort, or are you someone who likes to go all out in sequins and glitter?
    When I go to a nice party I love to do it up. I wish the Mad Men era came back in full force, where guys wore ties to parties and ladies wore full-on dresses. I will say though, when Mr. Tophat comes to town, I wear whatever has an elastic waistband or is empire waisted. I’ll let you figure out what Mr. Tophat means.

    What are some non-creepy ways to make new friends at a party?
    If you want to make a friend at a party without being creepy about it, find someone who’s wearing something you genuinely love and compliment them on it. Don’t make a mad dash for them, just be breezy. Like Monica on Friends said, as she was leaving a voicemail for her ex, “I’m breezy!” (“You can’t say you’re breezy, that negates the breeziness!” - Chandler.) Also hang out by the food and/or drinks. People go to get drinks, and it’s a good spot for you to give someone a casual, “Hey.” BREEZY!

    Do you have any holiday party plans lined up?
    I am going to a very exclusive holiday party at my apartment that has only ten guests, and they are all chicken McNuggets. There will be an X-Files marathon. Pants are not required.

    (Photo credit: Christina Johnson)