• Hurry Up & Wait

    Hey European friends, there's a really nice photo show opening up at the end of this week in Amsterdam that you definitely do not want to miss. The show, entitled Hurry Up & Wait, is a collection of photographs by New York City-based photographers Chad Moore and Pete Voelker, who both have never shown in Europe. Hurry Up & Wait is comprised of intimate photos documenting both photographers' everyday lives in NYC. This show provides a great glimpse into the fast paced lives we can all relate to, no matter what city you're in. Hurry Up & Wait will run from April 26 until May 10, at Oz Gallery in Amsterdam. The video teaser above will give you a perfect idea of what the show is about—now if only I could make it to the Netherlands by Friday! - Maddie

    Photo by Chad Moore

    Photo by Pete Voelker