• How to Transition Your Dresses and Rompers for Fall

    Don't pack away those summer dresses—transition them into fall with these quick and easy tips and tricks from Steph Allaire.
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    Above: Mini Margot Hair Pin

    Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do for a living!
    My name is Stephanie Allaire and I am a Bay Area native. I've known since I was 5 years old that I wanted a career in fashion, so I pursued a degree in Visual Merchandising at FIDM and never looked back! I have been working in the industry for 10 years, starting at the bottom as a visual intern and working my way up through various visual merchandising roles and now I am the on set stylist for Gap.com! I basically get to collaborate with creative people every day, style out my looks each week, and dress amazing models on set. I look forward to coming to work every day and that's an amazing feeling!

    What’s your favorite part about living in your city?
    My favorite part about living in San Francisco is the convenience. I just hop on muni to get to work and it's about 15 minutes door to door. My boyfriend and I love being able to walk or take muni anywhere in the city and explore different neighborhoods without having to worry about parking! We also have a huge rooftop deck on our building which is great for picnics, warm nights with a bottle of wine, and having friends over!

    Above: UO Bellina Button Down Shirt Romper

    What’s the fashion scene like there?
    The fashion scene in San Francisco is...not the most exciting. People tend to dress for their neighborhoods, so in the Marina you have athleisure, in FiDi you have suits and techies, and in the mission you get hipster vibes. I get really excited when I see a group of well dressed girls or guys, because it's not an every day occurrence.

    How would you describe your own personal fashion sense?
    My fashion sense changes all the time. I used to only wear black, but I have definitely evolved in the past couple of years. I love mixing vintage with new, and playing with unexpected pairings like a femme top with a super masculine bottom. I like to have fun with it - and definitely pick up inspiration from social media as well as my co-workers and friends. You'll most likely see me in something high waisted and a crop top on the weekends.

    Above: Silence + Noise Glenn Plaid Corset Jumpsuit

    What kind of clothing pieces are you always drawn to?
    I've been drawn to statement jackets, high waisted pants, cropped sweaters, and graphic prints lately!

    What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?
    I'm really looking forward to layering my pieces this fall: dresses over pants, sweaters over slips, long sleeves under jumpsuits, etc.

    Above: Oversized Cropped Trucker Jacket and Out From Under Steff Satin Slip

    What are your tips + tricks for transitioning summer pieces to fall?
    I love adding fun tights to my outfits to make them more fall appropriate. I recommend everyone get a pair of swiss dot, opaque, and sheer tights to mix into their wardrobe! I switch out my sneakers for boots and booties, layer tees under dresses and basically a leather jacket with everything. I'm not a huge scarf person but I think a beanie can be cute with the right look.

    Who’s your ultimate style inspo currently?
    My style icons range from 90's supermodels to bloggers to street style. Right now as far as bloggers I am loving Jourdan Sloane, Danielle Bernstein, and Reese Blutstein. I am drawn to effortless and cool silhouettes styled in unexpected ways. Kate Moss is my ultimate style icon from the 90's!

    Above: Slouchy Ribbed High/Low Sweater and Plaid Zipper Menswear Skirt

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