• How To Spend 4/20

    Whoa, it's 4/20! If you're in Colorado right now, congrats! If you're not then it's time to wake 'n bake in the secrecy of your home and seize the day! Even if your day only involves moving from your bed to the couch and then maybe down to the kitchen for a minute before going back up to the couch again, that's okay! Let's get this stoner party started! Here is where I would insert the "raise the roof" hand emojis if I could. Katie

    Keebler Mini-Pie Maker
    When you first get up, you're gonna be hungry, so why not make some mini-pies to keep your belly happy throughout the day? Think of all the shit you can put in them: breakfast shit, taco shit, chocolate (Nutella!!!) shit. The possibilities are endless!

    Supaboy Portable Game Console
    After you've made pies to stuff your face with all day, settle onto the couch and pull out this bad boy so you can get reacquainted with all your old-school SNES games. Remember how hard Zelda was? You will now.

    Hamburger Bean Bag
    If the couch gets uncomfortable, scoot on over to this burger bean bag so you can have the ultimate munchie session while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

    Altru Leaf Tank Top
    Now it's time to throw on some clothes and head outside. I know it's a lot of work, so I won't blame you if you skip the next few suggestions in favor of lying in your house all day.

    Glow-In-The-Dark Vinyl Cruiser Skateboard
    Don't forget your sweet, glow-in-the-dark board. Cruisin' down the big hill by your house is going to be extra entertaining.

    Lomography 120mm 400 Speed Color Negative Film
    While you're skating around, snap a couple pics with some negative film. You'll totally be like "OMG, no waaaaay" when you get them developed.

    Pot Psychology's How To Be By Tracie Egan Morrissey & Rich Juzwiak
    After you've worked up a sweat, go home and curl up with one of those Nutella pies and this incredibly useful book. It's gonna make so much sense to you right now. You and that french bulldog on the cover are going to have a psychic connection.