• How To: Hibernate for Winter

    Sure, it's warmer than it usually is at this time of year, but it's still cold enough to wear a big cozy coat, curl up on a fleece blanket and dream about snow. In the age of Postmates, it's not like you really need to go outside anyway.

    Sherpa Duvet Cover
    Imagine how good your life will be when you allow yourself to lie in this sherpa duvet cover for eight hours on end. Amazing, actually.

    Amped Fleece Throw Blanket
    So soft, so cozy, so perfect for hiding under to try and forget about the volatile state of the world. And it's pink!

    Extra Long Copper Firefly String Lights
    Firefly string lights are easy to hang and help give the illusion that you're staring at a starry night sky, even if you haven't seen the outside world in four days.

    Holiday Artist Print Tin Candle
    Light this baby up to refresh the stagnant, stale air of your entombed apartment. Love that fresh scent of pine!

    Silence + Noise Magnolia Cozy Reversible Coat
    This reversible coat is so soft and so cozy; it's the ultimate outfit for lounging indoors. You don't even need pants. Score.

    Lucinda Twinkle Headboard
    As you're eating reheated Chinese leftovers in bed for the second night in a row, this headboard will give your room a super cozy glow. Fun!

    Coziest Ever Plush Daybed Cushion
    A big cozy daybed. So you can go from lying in your bed, to lying on this, and then back to lying in bed. Could life get any better?

    Furry Llama Pillow
    When you're too cold to go outside and your friends are too cold to come over, this llama pillow can be your friend. Your best friend. Your only friend.

    Make Your Own Fairy Light Sign Kit
    Write anything you want in string lights! Write "I have given up"! Anything you want!

    Out From Under Gia Jogger Pant
    Pop on these joggers Friday night and leave them on until Sunday night for supreme coziness. Heck, if your job doesn't have a dress code, you might as well wear them Monday too. 

    Himalayan Salt Lamp
    A beautiful, cozy salt lamp to turn on at 2am for three seconds, squint out into the darkness, and then turn back off again as you roll over to sleep for another 10 hours.

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