• Home Tour: Liz Sparacio

    This week we visited Liz Sparacio's naturally lit, 2400 sq. ft loft in Northen Liberties - Philadelphia. Read on for more!

    Hi There! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do? 
    Liz here! I’m a lover of all things vintage, design, and handmade and I am the merchandiser/operations manager for Philadelphia based vintage furniture and home accessories company, Jinxed. Furniture rules everything around me, and I also do furniture re-upholstery, repairs, and re-works from my home studio as well as other textile and fiber based projects. 

    How long have you lived in Philly? 
    Five years, and in this loft for almost three of them! I moved to Philly on a quick, spur of the moment decision and signed a lease on an apartment that I didn’t see in person until the day I moved in. While my first apartment wasn’t a great fit for me, moving to Philadelphia is by far one of the best decisions I have made in recent years! 

    Above: Aurora  Hammock Fringe Duvet

    Above: Hyland Wooden Side Table + Ayo Ceramic Circle Table Lamp

    Tell us more about your apartment + what drew you to it? 
    As someone who is always on the hunt for a good find, it was truly the jem of all Craigslist finds! I went to see it the day after I saw the listing, fell in love immediately, and signed the lease on the spot. I’m on the top floor of an 1800s built factory that produced textiles back in Philadelphia’s manufacturing hay day. The floor to ceiling windows are south facing, so I have insane natural light throughout the entire day and straight shot views of both the Ben Franklin Bridge to the east and the Center City Philadelphia skyline to the west. I honestly still can’t believe that I found it and that I get to call this place my home. 

    How would you describe your design aesthetic? 
    I wouldn’t say that I prescribe to any one particular style! I am much more driven by texture and a continuous minimal color palette throughout my space. While many of my pieces are Mid Century Modern (I’m having a moment with lucite and chrome currently), I try to shy away from looking too atomic but adding more organic shape and texture with lots and lots of plants, art, and sculpture. Be it that I’m surrounded by great furniture for a living, my home is constantly evolving and changing as I bring in (or take out) new pieces. Most of the time, if I love it, I bring it home. 

    With having an open floor plan, what are some tips to creating room separation?
    Defining the space without closing it off is key! I opted to use a huge double sided bookshelf covered and surrounded by plants to divide my living space from my studio. By doing something like this, you don’t block any light and it is still functional from both sides! Using varying shapes and mixing hard and soft elements throughout your space is also SUPER important. Rugs people, rugs! Worth the investment every damn time. 

    What have been some of the biggest challenges you have had to overcome? 
    Oh, open floor planning/studio living certainly has its challenges! While lack of space is not an issue for me, storage definitely is. Anything and everything has to have a defined place to live when you don’t have any closets or hidden hideaways to put things or clutter can build up pretty quickly. Additionally, this building is old and definitely needs some special TLC. The interior brick crumbles constantly and drops dust all over everything, so it requires A LOT of cleaning. 

    Above: Osten Convertible Daybed Sofa

    Above: Geo Tufted Tassel Throw Blanket

    Where do you spend the most time in your apartment?
    Without a doubt, my “closet room”! My loft doesn’t have a single closet, so I opted to turn the only closed off space into a walk-in closet. I use a mix of free standing shelving and rolling racks for clothing storage and I LOVE being able to see all of my options, including my ever growing collection of vintage denim and pants. I am a denim hoarder for sure. 

    This space is so amazing; do you ever even leave? 
    Honestly, it can be difficult to leave, but my friends don’t mind so they just come to me! I’m a big fan of the “I’m in your neighborhood” drop by. 

    Above: Harper Embroidered Throw Pillow +Seymour Leather Chair

    Lastly, what would your dream home look like? 
    I already live in my dream home! Other than the fact that I am a renter and the day will eventually come that I will have leave, it is completely perfect. But, a larger bathroom would definitely be nice!

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